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Sun Rivers is served by the CSROA (Community of Sun Rivers Owners Association),designed to meet the needs of the community over the long term. Common interests of the residents are addressed through a community association and representative neighbourhood associations.

The CSROA Board of Directors administers the Community guidelines and manages the common interests, lands and amenities for the benefit of residents. Every neighbourhood at Sun Rivers has architectural design guidelines to ensure investor certainty and enduring value over time.

Similar to a strata-title development all owners pay a community common area maintenance fee which provides for the resort level of maintenance and community amenities such as the entrance landscape and water feature, paths, street lighting, community decorations etc.

Each Neighbourhood Association is represented at the Community level (CSROA) by the Neighbourhood President. The Board of Directors for each neighbourhood administer their neighbourhood guidelines and manage the common interests within their neighbourhood. Residents in adult communities and townhome neighbourhoods pay additional costs for their neighbourhood fees as they typically have more common areas and services within their neighbourhood. These fees may include individual property landscaping, neighbourhood landscaping, shared exterior and roof maintenance such as in townhomes, and other convenience and lifestyle services that may be specific to their neighbourhood.

Sun Rivers Community and Leasehold Structure information

At Ladera, special attention has been paid to environmentally superb technologies. Approaching Step code 4, ICF (insulated concrete foundations),humidity control, geothermal heating and cooling, dual water systems, safety and security are only a few of the thoughtful construction elements.

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In 1995 the Tk’emlups First Nation made an important economic development decision and voted by a landslide margin of 74% to sell the leasehold interest in the site now known as Sun Rivers. This provided for a portion of its reserve land to be reverted back to the federal government to be held jointly with the First Nation for leasing. Today this prime parcel of real estate overlooking the City of Kamloops and South Thompson River has become Sun Rivers, one of Canada’s most innovative resort communities. Experts consider this lease agreement to be one of the most comprehensive and secure ever established.

Sun Rivers holds the 99-year head lease and the head landlord is ‘His Majesty the King in right of Canada’ (the Crown). The lease has been structured to most fully protect the investments of the homeowners, the investors, the lenders and Sun Rivers. Purchasers secure their interest through the purchase of a registered leasehold title which secures their interest for the term of the lease in accordance with the rights and obligations outlined in the lease.

Sun Rivers overlookign the Thompson River at sunrise

The Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc First Nation is the local government and like any municipality collects property taxes and provides and arranges for services to the community. Services include 911, fire protection, police protection, library access, schools and busing, paramedic and ambulance service, hospitals and public health and recreation in the City of Kamloops.

Services are provided through the First Nation and a number of servicing arrangements with service providers such as the City of Kamloops and Corix Multi-Utility Services.

Property taxes are paid to the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation. The precedent-setting Head Lease, Sub-Lease and Master Development and Servicing Agreement clearly sets out the process by which taxes for services are levied. Sun Rivers’ residents pay property tax rates that are reasonably comparable to the City of Kamloops rates. The rate setting is based on assessed values determined by the BC Assessment Authority. Sun Rivers residents are eligible to apply for Homeowner grants.

Sun Rivers is outside the City of Kamloops boundaries but within the boundaries of the TNRD (Thompson Nicola Regional District). Sun Rivers residents may vote in the TNRD elections.

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Ladera Community Plan

Elegant Interiors Define the Kamloops Townhomes for Sale at Ladera

January 29th 2024

Elegant Interiors Define the Kamloops Townhomes for Sale at Ladera,

Nestled in the heart of Sun Rivers, the under-construction townhomes at Ladera look to be a testament to sophisticated living, offering residents an oasis of elegance and comfort. Every detail in these homes, from the floor to the ceiling, is meticulously designed to ensure a living experience that's both luxurious and warm. Here's a closer look at the elegant interiors that make the townhomes for sale at Ladera so special.

Textural Warmth Meets Elegant Design

Stepping into a Ladera townhome, you're immediately enveloped in an ambiance that's both inviting and chic. The interior design strikes a perfect balance between textural warmth and elegant sophistication. Soft, tactile surfaces invite touch, while sleek, modern lines ensure a contemporary aesthetic that's sure to impress. It's a place where style meets comfort, creating a living space that's not just visually appealing but also genuinely homey.

Luxurious Flooring: A Foundation of Style

The luxury laminate flooring throughout the townhomes at Ladera lays the groundwork for a life of elegance. This premium flooring choice is not just about aesthetics; it's also a testament to durability and ease of maintenance. Complementing the laminate is pinpoint carpeting, thoughtfully laid out to balance style with comfort. Last, but certainly not least, feel a wonderful warmth underfoot in ensuites with heated tile floors. Whether you're hosting a formal gathering or enjoying a quiet night in, the flooring underfoot is designed to suit every occasion.

Expansive Windows and Lofty Ceilings: Crafting Space with Light

In every Ladera townhome, expansive windows draw in the Kamloops sun, bathing the interiors in natural light and creating an airy, open atmosphere. The 9ft ceilings, featured in most floor plans, enhance this sense of spaciousness, providing a canvas for light and shadow to play throughout the day. It's a design choice that not only elevates the aesthetic of the home but also fosters a deep connection with the surrounding landscape.

Sleek Cellular Blinds: Privacy Meets Elegance

Understanding the need for personal space and tranquility, the townhomes at Ladera are equipped with sleek cellular blind systems. In the bedrooms, these blinds offer room-darkening features, ensuring that residents can create a restful environment at any time of day. The blinds are more than just functional; their clean, modern design complements the overall aesthetic of the home, adding a touch of elegance to every window.

Expertly Curated Colour Palettes: Define Your Space

Each Ladera townhome is a canvas, and the expertly designed colour palettes are the paint. These palettes are carefully chosen to define and enhance the space, creating interiors that feel cohesive and harmonious. Whether you're drawn to bold, dramatic tones or prefer soft, subtle hues, the colour schemes at Ladera are crafted to help you define your personal style and make your home truly yours.

Custom Slatted Wall Detailing: A Visual Symphony

One of the standout features in Ladera's townhomes is the custom slatted wall detailing. This unique design element exudes warmth and adds immense visual interest to the space. It's a testament to the thoughtful craftsmanship that goes into every corner of a Ladera home, ensuring that residents enjoy a living environment that's not just comfortable but also truly inspiring.

In conclusion, the townhomes for sale at Ladera in Kamloops are more than just living spaces; they're a celebration of elegant interior design. With textural warmth, luxurious flooring, expansive windows, sleek blinds, expertly chosen colour palettes, and custom wall detailing, each home is a testament to sophisticated living. At Ladera, every detail is designed with you in mind, offering a living experience that's as luxurious as it is warm and inviting. Welcome to your dream home, where elegance and comfort live in perfect harmony.

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